Hot Food

Main Street Hot Dog

Our classic grass-fed hot dog on a freshly baked bun. Dress it up!

Complimentary toppings:

Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustards (spicy brown & yellow), bbq sauce, sriracha, hot sauce, sweet relish

Build Your Perfect Hot Dog:
($.75 per craft topping):

Sauerkraut, organic onions, kimchi, local goat cheese, hot cherry peppers, coleslaw, sriracha-mayo, Dijon mustard, house-made cheese sauce, horseradish, ranch dressing, baked beans

Smith Meadows chili or bacon, add $1.50


Homespun’s Signature Dogs

The Sweet Kimchi: kimchi, sweet relish, sriracha-mayo

The Farmhand: Smith Meadows chili, horseradish, ranch dressing

Le Oui Oui: local goat cheese, bacon crumbles, Dijon mustard

Too Hot!: hot cherry peppers, organic onions, sriracha-mayo

The Picnic: baked beans, coleslaw, crumbled potato chips

Old Smokey ($6.99): Smith Meadows chili, bacon crumbles, coleslaw, bbq sauce

The Great Big Mess ($6.99): sauerkraut, extra chili & cheese sauce, drizzle of yellow mustard

Double Dog Dare ($7.99): two dogs in one bun, smothered in chili and cheese


Grilled Cheese Panini

Locally-made provolone and cheddar on sourdough


Smith Meadows Hot Ham and Cheese Panini

Locally-made cheddar and Smith Meadows free-range smoked ham


Soup and Grilled Cheese

Smith Meadows Kitchen soup of the day and a sourdough grilled cheese

Add Smith Meadows smoked ham for $1


House Made Soups

12 oz. with roll and butter; soups made fresh weekly at Smith Meadows kitchen with locally-sourced ingredients


Mozzarella & Chili Panini

Smith Meadows chili and melty mozzarella


Smith MEadows Baked Beans

Classic picnic fare, 12 oz.


Smith Meadows Chili

Grass-fed beef & black beans, simmered with seasoned tomatoes, 12 oz.

Add corn muffin, $1.50


All meats sourced from Smith Meadows
100% grass-fed beef and pastured pork, raised in Clarke County

Ice Cream Menu

Hand Dipped, Locally Made Ice Cream

Eight rotating seasonal flavors
Sugar or cake cone
Waffle cone +$1

$3.50 one scoop
$6 two scoops
$8 three scoops

Milk Shakes

16 oz., choose a sundae topping or fruit flavor, or make it a hand-dipped ice cream shake for +$2


Chocolate, Vanilla, and Swirl Soft Serve Locally made ice Cream

Sugar or cake cone
Waffle cone +$1

$3.50 small
$4.25 large

Root Beer Float

16 oz., A&W root beer & vanilla soft serve


Apple Harvest Sundae

Vanilla soft serve with local apple butter, drizzled with caramel


Sweet Elephant Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

Vanilla soft-serve sandwiched between
two sea-salt chocolate chip cookies


Banana Split

An all-time classic,
chocolate & vanilla soft-serve
with strawberry and pineapple glaze



Small (12 oz.) or large (16 oz.) vanilla soft serve, includes 1 topping

additional toppings are $0.75 each

Small $4.50

Dry Toppings

Chocolate sprinkles
Rainbow sprinkles
Brownie crumbles
Reese’s Pieces
Heath Bar crumbles
Oreo crumbles
Butterfinger crumbles
Dark chocolate flakes
Organic granola
Organic Gummy bears

$0.75 each

Wet Toppings

Hot fudge
Apple Butter

$0.75 Each

Sweet Elephant Brownie Sundae

Vanilla soft serve over Sweet Elephant brownie crumbles, drizzled with hot fudge


Sweet Elephant Cookie Sundae

Vanilla soft-serve and sea-salt chocolate chip cookie wedges, drizzled with hot fudge



Organic Light Roast Coffee

12 oz.


Craft Beers

On tap and in bottles, rotating

$7.50 drafts 16 oz.
or $3.99/$4.99 bottles

Drinks & Kombuchas

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Chocolate Milk, Apple Juice, Flavored Seltzers, Bottled Water, Seasonal Kombuchas

priced as marked

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